Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Perfect Piece: Selected Just for You

I must apologize for my recent absence. The year has gotten away from me and now, I find myself coming to you with such exciting news that I cannot bear to keep from you any longer. I've spent much time browsing our warehouses laden with beautiful, perfect pieces; but, the time has come for us to go on the hunt. It is time to discover more treasures and bring them to you. 

A trip! A glorious trip is what I am telling you! Our buyers have booked their plane tickets, they've reserved passes to the best fairs and the shipper has agreed to once again, follow them through the mud and the muck picking up gems that they select during their time in England. 

Have you been eyeing that space in your house, wondering what it is you need to fill it? Have you discovered just the thing that would complete that almost perfect room in your home? Have you discovered this item that you need would be magnificent, but is somehow out of reach because in all the shops you have perused, you have yet to find it? Let us help. Our buyers are working now, packing their bags, talking with our favorite antique dealers. This is the time to let us find that perfect piece for you. 

Over the next few weeks, I'll be bringing you photographs and details about some of our latest finds, waiting for us just across the ocean in a tiny little warehouse off a cobblestone street, right in the heart of England. Picture that perfect piece, sitting in that quaint little shop, a little dusty, but perfect nonetheless. Let us find it for you.

For information about the upcoming trip or have us help you find that perfect piece, please e-mail me at 

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