Friday, March 25, 2011

Our Next Move

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Our business began in a tiny shop in Jackson, GA in 1985. We then moved to Low Country Walk Antiques in St. Simons Island, GA in 1987. We started with a small space and managed to grow to occupy, and now own, half of the store. We grew from St. Simons into a small space in Madison, GA at Madison Markets in 2005. We currently occupy four spaces in Madison Markets...and now, the growth continues.

We are pleased to announce that we will be joining Interiors Marketplace in Charlotte, NC starting April 2. We're thrilled to be entering the Carolina market and are excited about the future with Interiors Marketplace. If you'd like to take a peek inside Interiors Marketplace you can visit their website.

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Get excited Charlotte, we're headed your way!

The Perfect Piece: The French Oak and Elm Nightstand

This is a curious piece, a curious yet exceptional piece. This circa 1800 French oak and elm open front nightstand is quite the little treasure. It is a most simple concept put together in a most complex way. The undulating lines of the side panels and the delicate rim on the top shelf show the time, effort, and creativity that is used in creating even a simplistic nightstand.

This table would be the perfect addition to your bedroom, or act as a perfect little cocktail table, large enough only for a book and your drink of choice. The depth is perfect for nestling in an alarm clock. The shelf would hold your favorite read as well as a small lamp. The deep color of this piece and the different variations of color add even more character to this already unique find. The imperfect grain of the wood used to create this little gem makes it even more spectacular.

It is rustic, yet posh. It is feminine, yet exudes a certain masculinity. It would fit perfectly in a study or library. It would nestle in next to your comfy chair in your favorite reading nook. It is a perfect piece in all it's uniqueness.

Now, we're moments away from the big's next post will announce our next move...

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Perfect Piece: French Wrought Iron Grilles

The French, what a wonderful people, a wonderful, rich culture. The French have created a most elegant country chic, a perfectly posh decor. All in all, I must say that the French are a most stunning bunch. With that said, I'd like to introduce these fantastically whimsical, yet strong decorative items.

The French Wrought Iron Grilles presented throughout this blog are wonderful artistic pieces that capture the essences of nature, fortitude, and most simply, geometry. Whether it be hanging on the exterior wall of your own personal palace, or acting as the headboard for your "shabby chic" bed, wrought iron is the picture of protective elegance. 

Wrought Iron grilles can be used as elegant doormats, or simply decorative wall accents. These grilles are delicate, yet most sturdy. Wrought iron, a malleable iron, has fibrous inclusions known as swag, that give it the appearance of having a wood-like grain. 

This elegant iron was not always used for its decorative nature. When it was discovered it was used to make more functional items like railroad ties, nails, and even horseshoes. But now, wrought iron is no longer produced on a commercial scale leaving its main purpose a purely frivolous one. WIthin this group of iron grilles is the perfect piece for that empty wall. the perfect piece to decorate your garden. They are, perfect pieces...

Don't forget, the countdown is still on...Tune in tomorrow for the big reveal...

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Monday, March 21, 2011

The Perfect Piece: The French Armoire

I can see it now, that void. It is standing in the way of progress. You want desperately to complete this room, but what large piece would function as both an anchor to your room and manage to store all of those bits and bobs that you don't want cluttering up your little retreat? Ahh, don't fret. I have the perfect piece. This beautiful, rich paneled oak armoire is the answer to your decorating dreams.  
The warm red hue of the beautiful oak adds depth to the decor in any room. Standing 7ft tall and nearly 4 1/2 ft wide, the size of this circa 1800 armoire makes it an ideal anchor and focal point for any room. With three shelves and a drawer it's perfect for storing linens, harboring clothing, hiding a television, or even stashing books, blankets, and other living room necessities.

The simplistic carved decorations adorning the facade of the piece add a subtle elegance, making this even more perfect for a living room in a posh apartment or a quaint bedroom in a mountain house. 

This lovely armoire, originally from Burgundy, likely spent time in a most wonderful French chateau or country home. The interior, as you will see pictured, is slightly worn but in perfect condition. The exterior is pristine; it has a beautiful range of colors and an ever so slight shine from a fresh coat of wax. It has most certainly served a wonderful first life, all the while exuding a subtle elegance. And now, it is looking for a new home, somewhere wonderful to start its next life.

We have exciting news for this piece and many more...Stay Tuned...

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Friday, March 4, 2011

The Perfect Piece: A Champagne Rack

Ladies and Gentlemen, it has arrived. After much mucking around in fields in Europe, our buyers have brought you a new line of perfect pieces. They've combed through the chaos, and selected one of the most versatile, elegant, and eclectic collections McIntosh Cottage has ever featured.
In celebration of Spring, and last week's National Wine Day, I give you our first Perfect Piece, the Champagne Rack.
What better way to kick off your spring in style than to pop open a bottle of bubbly! This stunning, double-sided Champagne bottle rack holds 120 bottles of pure celebration. A perfect piece for your wine cellar or even your shabby chic library or study. This beautiful French piece is double hinged at the top, with a rustic chain to stabilize the structure, making it simply perfect for storing your drink of choice. All of the components of this piece come together to create a subtle, yet show stopping piece,
Can't you picture this tucked in a corner of a kitchen? This is the perfect piece for the Champagne connoisseur. It is the perfect piece for any vineyard. It is this season's first Perfect Piece.

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