Friday, March 25, 2011

The Perfect Piece: The French Oak and Elm Nightstand

This is a curious piece, a curious yet exceptional piece. This circa 1800 French oak and elm open front nightstand is quite the little treasure. It is a most simple concept put together in a most complex way. The undulating lines of the side panels and the delicate rim on the top shelf show the time, effort, and creativity that is used in creating even a simplistic nightstand.

This table would be the perfect addition to your bedroom, or act as a perfect little cocktail table, large enough only for a book and your drink of choice. The depth is perfect for nestling in an alarm clock. The shelf would hold your favorite read as well as a small lamp. The deep color of this piece and the different variations of color add even more character to this already unique find. The imperfect grain of the wood used to create this little gem makes it even more spectacular.

It is rustic, yet posh. It is feminine, yet exudes a certain masculinity. It would fit perfectly in a study or library. It would nestle in next to your comfy chair in your favorite reading nook. It is a perfect piece in all it's uniqueness.

Now, we're moments away from the big's next post will announce our next move...

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