Friday, March 4, 2011

The Perfect Piece: A Champagne Rack

Ladies and Gentlemen, it has arrived. After much mucking around in fields in Europe, our buyers have brought you a new line of perfect pieces. They've combed through the chaos, and selected one of the most versatile, elegant, and eclectic collections McIntosh Cottage has ever featured.
In celebration of Spring, and last week's National Wine Day, I give you our first Perfect Piece, the Champagne Rack.
What better way to kick off your spring in style than to pop open a bottle of bubbly! This stunning, double-sided Champagne bottle rack holds 120 bottles of pure celebration. A perfect piece for your wine cellar or even your shabby chic library or study. This beautiful French piece is double hinged at the top, with a rustic chain to stabilize the structure, making it simply perfect for storing your drink of choice. All of the components of this piece come together to create a subtle, yet show stopping piece,
Can't you picture this tucked in a corner of a kitchen? This is the perfect piece for the Champagne connoisseur. It is the perfect piece for any vineyard. It is this season's first Perfect Piece.

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