Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Perfect Piece: French Wrought Iron Grilles

The French, what a wonderful people, a wonderful, rich culture. The French have created a most elegant country chic, a perfectly posh decor. All in all, I must say that the French are a most stunning bunch. With that said, I'd like to introduce these fantastically whimsical, yet strong decorative items.

The French Wrought Iron Grilles presented throughout this blog are wonderful artistic pieces that capture the essences of nature, fortitude, and most simply, geometry. Whether it be hanging on the exterior wall of your own personal palace, or acting as the headboard for your "shabby chic" bed, wrought iron is the picture of protective elegance. 

Wrought Iron grilles can be used as elegant doormats, or simply decorative wall accents. These grilles are delicate, yet most sturdy. Wrought iron, a malleable iron, has fibrous inclusions known as swag, that give it the appearance of having a wood-like grain. 

This elegant iron was not always used for its decorative nature. When it was discovered it was used to make more functional items like railroad ties, nails, and even horseshoes. But now, wrought iron is no longer produced on a commercial scale leaving its main purpose a purely frivolous one. WIthin this group of iron grilles is the perfect piece for that empty wall. the perfect piece to decorate your garden. They are, perfect pieces...

Don't forget, the countdown is still on...Tune in tomorrow for the big reveal...

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